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This video was filmed at Wingz Southpoint located inside Southpoint Mall in Durham North Carolina.

Wingz? Who Are We?


We Are Glad You Asked! Ah Em! (Taps Mic...)


Wingz American Grill is a Christian based, family owned business that focuses on giving back to the community through feeding the less fortunate, job placement, as well as providing a setting that promotes entrepreneurship.

Wingz American Grill started in 1997 under the name Dave’s Wingz & Grill in Durham NC. The staple menu items were birthed at that time and have been prepared the same way since the beginning. The name was later changed to Wingz American Grill in 2012 when the first Wingz American Grill opened in Clinton NC. The second Wingz American Grill opened in Rocky Mount NC in 2013.



Our unconventional 6,000 sq ft Raleigh restaurant is filled with murals, neon lights, wall projections, HD TV's, and even 6 foot tall Marvel comic wax figures. We want your experience to be exciting and fun!

Several nights a week, an in-house chef prepares an inspirational dish of their choice. 

The menu at Wingz is carefully selected from years of trial and error. To be honest, when our first restaurant opened in 1997, we did not know the restaurant business well but we did know good food and how to create it! Years later our business acumen has grown and our love for good food, great service in a good clean restaurant is still the same! So come over to Wingz and we guarantee that we will be one of the restaurants on your speed dial!  Get Excited! 

                                                                                                             - Dave G!

Eat Good, Laugh Alot & Get your Wingz!


We have a top-secret proprietary system for preparing our Wingz!  


Our sandwiches and burgers are also second to none!  


And our Mac & Cheese… Well, you just have to try it for yourself!